Medium roundup: february 2021

When My Daughter Cut Her Locs, I Cried

I was afraid that her releasing her locs was also a way for her to release me.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1*OQU4KEJVd7k5KyN6GW1QzQ.jpeg
copyright: me!


We Are Not Our Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams. We are our Ancestors.

What we remember as the past cannot actually be “past” because we are continuously making and remaking that story.

Four African American women seated on steps of building at Atlanta University, Georgia (circa 1900)


I Don’t Give My Kids “the Talk.” But I’m Still Terrified to Have My Son Walk the Dog.

To walk and live and breathe constrained by White threat is not to be free at all.

Dog on rocks
Our dog, Hope
copyright: me!


My Kids Are Failing and I’m Trying To Be Okay About It

But they are Black, and failing is not an option

copyright: me!

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