Note to Self: Pay Attention When Walking Down Steps. The Cookie Will Still Be There At The Bottom.

So sorry I’ve been gone so long. I was ready to get back into my work…and then the unbelievable happened.

I sprained my ankle.

I’d like to be able to say that I sprained it running, or doing something incredibly altruistic. But that would be a lie.

I sprained it reaching for a cookie.

“A cookie?!?” you said? Right, because I’m supposed to be gluten-free (yeah, that’s why you said it.) But these were homemade chocolate sugar cookies with icing and awesome decorations.

The story: I’m walking out of our dissertation writing space, going down the steps to get in my car. My friend had made these cookies, in all their sugary goodness, and we were walking down the steps, and I had a cookie already in my hand, but we were about to split up, and I wanted another cookie for later, so I reached…and missed the last step.

And I’m all kinds of tore up because I had on my back my bookbag on with my laptop inside, and a heavy shoulder bag with my dissertation binder and a file-folder thingy with my interviews in it. So when I fell, I went all the way down. I heard a pop and then that was all she wrote.

I feel a bit better about myself because at least they were homemade cookies. If I was reaching for an Oreo, y’all probably wouldn’t be reading this story right now. ‘Cause I might have told you I sprained it running.

In any case, it’s now been a week and I have been performing at a diminished capacity and lower than usual motivation, and today I went back to the doctor because it was still hurting. Now all the ligaments around my ankle are messed up because I am hardheaded and have been doing too much, so I’m wearing a fancy airbrace which makes me feel like my pain is legitimate. It will probably be another 2-3 weeks before I run again, which is disappointing because I planned to run on Thanksgiving. But I will use this time to be home with my family, having movie nights and doing Rainbow Loom, cooking and baking. And of course, some dissertation work. (Right? Right.)

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