i thought i had something to write

Often, I say to myself, “I’m going to write on my blog at least three times a week.” A week ago, that was my plan. I’m told that’s how to sustain readership, by having consistent “content.” How do you know you are a writer? Writers write.

But I never follow all the way through. I’ll have weeks where I feel prolific, bursting with ideas about everything. Those ideas run the gamut from politics to sociology to law to my favorite subject, me.

But sometimes I’ll go months with nothing to say. And I wonder what that is about.

I don’t actually have *nothing* to say. I talk to my friends, post something on Facebook, comment on something on Twitter. But I have nothing to say here. I am devoid of “content.”

Often this happens around this time of year, where I tend to be inwardly contemplative, questioning whether anyone cares about what I write, convincing myself that no one cares about what I write. I question not only if anyone does care, but also why should anyone care. That doubt silences me, making it almost impossible to create the “content.” And if I’m not always producing content, then readership won’t increase. And if no one is reading, then there is even less reason to create content. And if I’m not producing content, then…

What am I doing here?

control-a and delete.

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