7 thoughts on “I presented at ASA this morning

  1. Oh dear! I thought your presentation was tomorrow! I have it in my calendar and everything… So sorry to have missed it but great to have met you at the party.


  2. i am so irritated… it was a panel with a new friend, an old friend, and a colleague — with papers i was actually interested in to boot!

    arghhhh… on the plus side, i get to sleep in tomorrow.

    i would like to read your paper when you get a draft that is ready to circulate.


  3. As someone who doesn’t know you, but who happened to be in the audience at your talk, I just wanted to let you know that your presentation was very good. You are a great public speaker and you handled the Q&A quite well.


  4. Carly – thank you!

    Twinmommy – thank you too! I tried to call you this afternoon to get a mani-pedi, but I guess you are not home 😦

    Janet – thank you! I guess my scatterplot ribbon effectively voided my anonymity, huh???


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