on flowers and thangs

My birthday week, while sad, was ultimately joyful. Especially with help from these:




I’d been looking to spruce up the place with some blooms lately, but the money situation has been such that splurging on such luxuries just didn’t seem right. So how my friends knew this, I don’t know,but somehow I like to think it speaks to the wonderfulness of our friendship that they blessed me with such beauty for my 30th birthday.

My hubby says this 30-day celebration must end sometimes but I really don’t want it to.

* I’m trying to figure out my uber-expensive digital camera. These photos are inspired by the beautiful photos at chookoolooks. They are so dark – they were shot at night without much light, but I followed some of her directions about shooting in dark light without flash, and I think they came out pretty good in spite of the lack of light.

2 thoughts on “on flowers and thangs

  1. Your posts are amazing – exactly what I needed right now – long story…..but thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, and God Bless!!!! ❤



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