Three Unhelpful Words

Believe me: I’ve counted them. A million times. Backwards, forwards, upside and out. I’ve written them down. I’ve told my friends. I’ve laid them at the altar, giving thanks and praise.

My home. 1

My children. 3

My husband. 1

My job. 1

My degrees. 3

My friends. 10+

My family. 10+

My (physical) health. 20+

Food, clothes, medications. +100

Toilet paper. (how can you even put a number on it?)

I’ve counted them all.

I’ve counted my blessings.

So please stop telling me to count them again. Please.

I’m too tired to explain to you right now how annoying and unhelpful those three words are.

So I’m going to sip my wine (+2), take a shower (100+ water drops), kiss my husband (+unlimited), go to bed (+1) under my blankets (+3), and sleep happy dreams (+whatever).

If I am so blessed to see tomorrow, maybe I’ll explain then.

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